Fast, affordable, flexible IT services

At ICS, we get that there's never a good time for a computer to crash and that every minute of downtime costs you money.

That's why ICS offers an assortment of IT plans and packages to meet your business needs without breaking your budget. With our nationwide network of certified engineers, we're committed to keeping you and your technology on friendly terms.

    Service, Repair and Support


Support is essential in all information technology business environments. At ICS our goal is to examine your businesses support needs from every aspect and then provide you a custom-tailored support service that will adapt to your business needs and provide you maximum satisfaction results for your company.
The following are some of the support services we provide:

  • Remote support services
  • On-site hardware support
  • On-site software support
  • On-site networking support
  • On-Site telecommunication support
  • Technical help desk support
  • Equipment disposal


We take the guesswork out of technology service and repair costs. ICS offers flat-rate services, a discounted, prepaid account and comprehensive service plans. Choose the option that suits your business best.

  • Individually Priced Services
  • Prepaid Service Account
  • Customized Solutions
   Data Storage and Management Installations

Don't take chances losing your data. We can provide exactly the right storage for your needs. Back up a workstation hard drive every day or install separate storage devices and network servers, ICS can help you find the right solution.

  • Business Class
  • Network-Attached Storage
  • Windows® SMB Server


   Networking Services


Networking is one of the most important topologies when it comes to information technology implementation for any business. It is virtually the entire core of a company’s infrastructure which is essential for any technology to function properly. Advantage Point specializes in network infrastructure implementation as they study the company’s business processes and then configure the network accordingly. This enables the company to get maximum efficiency of their network and also have a strong base setup for the future so new implementations and developments can all be built off that base core.
The following are some of the networking services we provide:

       Create windows based network

  • Workgroup
  • Domain Based
  • Create a WAN


       Network/Telecommunication Wiring

  • Providing Internet and VIOP ISP Services
  • Analog Line Service
  • Cabling Services

       Wireless Networking

  • Secure wireless networks
  • Bluetooth networking
  • WAN wireless networking
   Wireless Network Advantages


Your office information can be with you wherever you are: at your desk or in your conference room, at home on the couch or in an airport or another Wi-FI hot spot. Let ICS get you connected so your business is mobile, but your data is secure.
Network Printing

  • Print Servers
  • All-in-one Copy Centers
  • Laser Color/Black and White Network Printers
  • Personal Printers
  • Email/Network scanners

       Remote Support

  • VPN Services
  • Also offering remote desktop services
  • Internet Remote Software Services

      Hardware implementation/customization

  • Custom Built Servers
  • Custom Built Workstations
  • Provide 3rd party hardware customization
  • Support and provide 3rd Party hardware
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