The following are some of the
  networking services we provide:
  Create windows based network

  • Workgroup
  • Domain Based
  • Create a WAN

   Fast, affordable, flexible IT services.

   At ICS, we get that there's never a good time for a computer to crash    and that every minute of downtime costs you money.

   That's why ICS offers an assortment of IT plans and packages to meet    your business needs without breaking your budget. With our    nationwide network of certified engineers, we're committed to keeping    you and your    technology on friendly terms.


    Service, Repair and Support

    Support is essential in all information     technology business environments. At     ICS our goal is to examine your     businesses support needs from every     aspect and then provide you a custom..


Microsoft Dynamics

Business moves at light speed today, requiring that every company continuously reexamine direction, strategies, suppliers, partners—literally every variable and relationship that might lead to complacency. The intensified. . . .

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